Introduction: Best AR Learning Apps & AR Toys

Research and Literature shows that AR increases kids and adults engagement at multiple levels, allowing active learning, participation and gamification. Learning basics, building skills and applying principles.

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Bye-bye 2020…

A busy challenging year, filled with obstacles and opportunities. While walking the path of a start-up founder at Hoppipop! KidsZone, I could dive deeper into market and audience research to develop a design strategy for my business project in the educational space. …

Part 3— An Immersive Transmedia Storytelling Design & Cross-cultural Educational Strategy.

Cross-cultural learning and pedagogy that can be enjoyed and understood at a universal, cross-cultural level.

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What is possible for us to sense, understand, articulate, want and imagine?

What is possible for us to sense, understand, articulate, want and imagine?Understanding global issues often requires learners to examine a complex web of cultural and material processes and contexts on local and global levels. […] — Andreotti, V., (2006–2020)

Combining activities for different learning styles: Auditory, Sensory, Kinetic, Visual and Writing/Reading to allow kids to experience various types of media, choose and understand which media they prefer to reach their goals. Similarly, in a classroom context, they will be able to engage with more confidence…

Part 2 — Parents & Educators: Trends & Concerns

Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the 10 biggest worries and trends in Parents and Educators, without highlighting a few contradictions as well. When schools are forced to use online tools like Facebook (seriously?) and parents are the first to use them, where and how can we set a line for online safety?

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A survey, commissioned by, asked 5,342 about their biggest parenting fears for the year ahead. Parents were asked to select their five biggest worries and here’s what they had to say (ranked by per cent of parents who selected the issue).

1. The anti-vaccination movement — 82%


Part 1 — Market & Audience Overview

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What are todays’ kids, parents and educators main frustrations, goals and needs?

Online safety, excessive screen-time, costs, socialization, alienation & distorted perception of real-world events and behaviors, quality of educational content.

How Covid-19 has impacted and accelerated the AR/MR Edutainment Market demand?

Research shows an increasing demand of Video Content (YouTube Kids), educational apps downloads and rocketing of Roblox platform, while AR/MR apps are taking their place at the top of the apps stores charts.

How 5G and the global growth of mobile devices will impact the industry?

The global 5G technology market size is expected to grow by 70.83%…

Natalie Saiph Massone

UX/UI Lead / Art & Creative Director

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